College Introduction

The development of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning has gone through four stages: Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Architecture, College of Architecture, and College of Architecture and Urban Planning. The Department of Architecture was founded in 1988 with a four-year course of study and was attached to the Department of Architectural Engineering; in 1993, it was separated from the Department of Architectural Engineering and established the Department of Architecture; in 1997, the Department of Urban Planning was founded; in April 2002, it was renamed as the College of Architecture; in 2006, the Department of Landscape Architecture was founded; and in January 2018, it was renamed as the College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

On September 10, 2018, the appointment of academician Gao Weijun of the Japanese Academy of Engineering and the inauguration ceremony of "Coastal Habitat Academic Innovation Center" was held in Qingdao University of Technology, which is the first full-time academician introduced to Qingdao University of Technology since its establishment. The Coastal Habitat Academic Innovation Center, led by academician Gao Weijun, integrates the traditional advantageous disciplinary resources of the university in architecture, civil engineering, environment and information.By forming an interdisciplinary team and building a high-level scientific research platform, we are committed to the effective utilization of marine resources, marine ecological environmental protection, and the construction of a green and intelligent city to create a brand of technological innovation in Shandong coastal habitat. Since the establishment of the Center, under the organizational leadership of Prof. Gao, the Center has been effective in recruiting talents, rewarding future students, and educating people around disciplines, academics, and students, setting an example for all teachers in the university.

At the important point when the university is deeply carrying out the theme education of "remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind", and at the critical period of promoting a high level applied research university with distinctive characteristics, the university is going to make great efforts to promote a high level applied research university. On November 6, 2019, our college held a grand signing ceremony at the Coastal Habitat Academic Innovation Center to appoint renowned contemporary architect Wang Xingtian as a full-time professor and honorary dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning. This is another major breakthrough in the construction of high-level talents in the university, which is important for driving the overall development and improvement of architecture and related disciplines, enhancing the ability to serve the economy and society, and helping the construction of major projects for the conversion of new and old dynamics. Professor Wang Xingtian has been engaged in the practice and research of architectural design and its theory for a long time, and is at the forefront of domestic practice, theoretical writing ability, industry status and international influence. His practice works are all over the country, and the awards he has received basically cover all the awards in the industry; his research results are continuous and fruitful, and his theories are self-contained; as the convener and leader of Chinese architecture, he has a significant position in the industry.

The College consists of the Department of Architecture, Department of Urban and Rural Planning, Department of Landscape Architecture, and has:

3 national first-class undergraduate major construction points: Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning,Landscape Architecture

1 national specialty construction point: Architecture

1 major discipline in Shandong Province: Architecture

1 discipline specializing in excellence in engineer education training program: Architecture

3 master's degree programs: Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture

1 national first-class undergraduate course: "Voluntary Preparation of Village Planning" innovation and entrepreneurship practice

4 undergraduate majors: Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Architecture (Sino-foreign Cooperation)

In 2016, Architecture ranked C+ and Landscape Architecture ranked C- in the fourth round of national first-grade discipline assessment. The undergraduate major of Architecture from 2006 for the fourth consecutive time, the master of Architecture for the first time in 2014, and the major of Urban and Rural Planning from 2015 for the second consecutive time successfully passed the national professional education and teaching assessment. In 2016, all three undergraduate majors of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning and Landscape Architecture entered the high-level application-oriented key project construction majors (groups) in Shandong Province.

In 2018, the undergraduate (five-year) and master's degree in architecture successfully passed the National Professional Education and Teaching Assessment, and the qualification of undergraduate is valid for 7 years, and the qualification of master is valid for 4 years. In 2019, the undergraduate degree of Urban and Rural Planning (five-year system) successfully passed the national professional education and teaching assessment, which is valid for 6 years. The College's architecture and urban and rural planning majors successfully became one of the first 20 higher education institutions in China to pass the excellent assessment, which is the leading level in the country.

Combining the advantages of the school's location, environmental characteristics and the research results of teachers over the years, the school has established the general discipline research development direction of "based on the coastal mountainous geographical conditions". The college has existing scientific research institutions such as Shandong Town Governance and Planning Collaborative Innovation Center, Urban Planning and Landscape Engineering Technology Center, Green Building Joint Innovation Center, Passive Building Joint Innovation Center, Energy-saving Design Joint Innovation Center, and New Technology Research and Application Innovation Center for Architecture. In recent years, the College has undertaken more than 120 vertical and horizontal projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other governments and enterprises at all levels. It has published 50 academic books and textbooks and more than 360 papers. It has received more than 50 awards for scientific and technological, teaching and design achievements at provincial and ministerial levels, including 3 first-class and 1 second-class awards for provincial teaching achievements.

Since the early 1990s, the College has been organizing students and teachers to participate in the UIA International Student Architectural Design Competition, winning a total of 12 awards, including the Excellence Award of the UIA World Student Design Competition "Urban Settlement Design in the 21st Century" in 1999, ranking 11th in the world; in 2011, 2014 and 2017, the College won one second prize, one third prize, five honorable mentions, two value projects and two finalists in the 24th, 25th and 26th UIA International Student Architectural Design Competitions. In 2011, 2014 and 2017, we won one second prize, one third prize, five honorable mentions, two value project awards and two finalists in the 24th, 25th and 26th UIA International Student Architectural Design Competition; in 2014, we won the jury honorable mention in the 51st IFLA Landscape Design Competition (ranked 5th in the world).

In recent years, we have won more than 520 awards in national and provincial level competitions such as "Challenge Cup" National Science and Technology College of extra-curricular academic competition works, the National University Students' Architectural Design Assignment Observation and Selection, "Zoomlion Cup" National Student Architectural Design Scheme Competition, the Open Architecture International Competition (Beijing), Evolo International Skyscraper Architectural Design Competition, POLIS Future Architect Design Competition, ILIA International Landscape Planning and Design Competition, Landscape Architecture (graduation work and thesis) International Competition, "Yuanye Cup" The National Higher Education Institution Urban and Rural Planning Course Work Evaluation for Urban and Rural Social Practice Research Report, National Urban and Rural Planning Course, National Urban and Rural Planning Course and Shandong University Student Architectural Design Competition.

We have actively and extensively expanded the friendly cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign institutions and design institutes, deepened the interaction with Germany, expanded the cooperation with Japan and Korea, and deepened the exchange with domestic experts. We have established academic exchange relations with more than 20 universities in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Canada and Hong Kong and Taiwan, forming a good pattern of academic mutual promotion.

Our college carries out the moral education concept of "people oriented", strengthens the construction of academic style, and increases the rate of graduate studies year by year. The employment rate keeps at least 97%.

Focusing on the second classroom and social practice activities, the college has actively carried out the campus culture construction and achieved fruitful results. The college has been awarded one excellent prize by the Ministry of Education and three first-prizes by the Shandong Province Campus Culture Construction Achievement Award. The Youth League Committee of the College has been awarded the honorary title of "May Fourth Red Flag League Branch (League Committee) of Shandong Province" for many times; the Construction Science and Technology Innovation Association has been awarded as "Shandong Province Outstanding Student Science and Technology Association", "Ignite Youth-Gather Energy" The most influential science and technology association for college and university students in China. One league branch was awarded "Model league branch" for cultivating and practicing socialist core values, and two league branches were awarded "Dynamic league branches" in national colleges and universities. One party branch was awarded the model party branch of party building work in the province, and one party branch was awarded the advanced grass-roots party organization of Shandong education system. The volunteer village planning service team, the "Jinggang Love - Chinese Dream" summer social practice team and the "Rural Harvest Love - Revitalizing Chinese Dream" summer practice team have been awarded for many times by the national, Shandong and Qingdao municipal governments. The team has been awarded as the outstanding team in the summer social practice activities of culture, science, technology and health "Three go to the countryside" by college and university students volunteers.

Our college has made great contributions to the local economy and urban construction, and has become a college of architecture and urban planning with a high level of undergraduate education in China, a complete master's degree program in various disciplines in the field of habitat and environment, a leading discipline in the province, and a certain characteristic and influence in China, and the most important talent training base in the field of urban construction in Shandong Province.

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